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Gold Reserves May Become the Next Global Currency

Currently, governments all over the world are aggressively increasing gold reserves over paper money. Countries like China, Russia and India, are actively adding to their gold reserves. Some financial experts predicted that Russia would liquidate its gold reserves for dollars in order to resuscitate its weakening currency. However, the Russian government is acting on the contrary by replenishing its gold…

Gold Nest Egg

Securing Your Retirement Savings Value with a Gold IRA

The value of the U.S. Dollar is slowly depreciating and this can have a costly effect on your 401 K accounts without a gold IRA. The longer you keep your 401 K retirement fund in dollars the less you will actually have when you are ready to retire. How can you secure your retirement fund from this type of depreciations?…

Random International Currency Coins

Capitalizing on Fiat Currency Devaluation: Gold and Silver Investing

If there is one thing that will insure that the value of precious metals like gold and silver it is that they will rise in difficult times. Because of inflation and falling stock prices, people tend to look for tangible assets that do not lose their value. This has been something that society has done for thousands of years. Almost…

2008 Crash Headline Shoes Sole Hole

Remembering the 2008 Money Financial Crisis

During the 2008 Money Financial Crisis, many portfolios took a significant hit. Stock prices took a plunge, real estate was in the tank, and many had their confidence shaken in the viability of the once churning American economy. If you had invested any money in the market or other ventures, you probably did not have the best reaction to these…

Chinese Soldiers Raise Russian Flag

Traditional Economic and Political Order Shifts over Gold Reserves

In the past few years, countries like China and Russia have placed a sudden emphasis upon leveraging gold reserves. This gaining interest has be witnessed by the financial system all over the world continuously. With a common interest shared between the countries, energy and infrastructure related trade between both the countries have also seen a massive surge, resulting in extended…

Napoleon Returns

Eurozone Stress Spurs Gold Repatriation Demand

In the past several years, many countries from all over the world have repatriated their gold reserves held offshore. Even European countries have started following the trend off late. This gives a clear indication about the future economic trends that are likely to happen. Central European countries such as Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Austria combined have nearly 4,000 tons of…