Month: September 2015

401k Gold

401k Plan Allowed Gold Investing: 401(k)

Despite the fact that your options are limited to what you plan provider offers, 401k plans can also include: Individual stocks Individual bonds (corporate and government) Certificates of deposits (CDs) Mutual funds Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) To put it simple, you can’t invest in physical gold bullion through a 401(k) plan. Buying stocks in gold mining companies or mutual fund that…

Retirement Roth Interstate Highway Sign Blue Sky

Rules and Limitations of a Roth IRA Rollover

Investors are permitted to transfer or roll over their funds in Roth IRA between different financial organizations without inviting any tax penalties. However, the per annum number of transfers is restricted to one only. They are also permitted to utilize their existing funds in IRA for funding their self directed IRA. You need to pay penalties for making withdrawals before…

Cash Money IRA

Making the Most of Your Traditional IRA Rollover

A rollover of your Traditional IRA is possible once each year, which means that the IRA funds can be transferred without tax penalties between two institutions. Investors may also decide to use their current Traditional IRA funds toward a self directed IRA. Be aware that if you wish to take cash from your IRA before you reach retirement age, there…