Gold Bullion Coins NOT Allowed in a Precious Metals IRA

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There numerous gold coins that you cannot use for the purpose of your gold investing in your precious metals IRA. Take special note, that there are also quite a few widely-popular coins that are actually not eligible for gold investing in your precious metals IRA. Below, please find a list of some of these gold coins:

Gold Bullion Coins NOT Allowed in a Precious Metals IRA

Chinese Panda coins

Chilean 100 Peso coins

French Napoleon coins

French 20 Franc coins

Dutch 10 Guilder coins

Israel Tower of David coins

Italian Lira coins

Mexican Peso coins

United Kingdom Sovereign coins

UK Britannia coins

Swiss 20 Franc coins

South African Krugerrand coins

Somalia Elephant coins

Switzerland Vreneli coins

USSR Chervonet coins

US Liberty coins

US Double Eagle coins

Other than the above noted coins, you should refrain from investing in all numismatics, collectors and commutative gold coins in your precious metals IRA. Though sold at unreasonably high prices, none of these coins is meant for the purpose of gold investing in a precious metals IRA. You should be careful, as many sales persons will try to convince you to buy such “special”, “limited edition” or “rare’ coins. In fact, such gold coins are steeply priced, with just a couple of them rarely getting you more than what you paid at the time of buying these gold coins.

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