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Top Gold IRA Companies Reviews and Gold Bullion Dealers

Our Top Gold IRA Companies Reviews and Gold Bullion Dealers will assist you in researching and selecting the Best Gold IRA Company.

Choosing a top rated gold IRA company is critical in the event that you want to invest in a precious metals IRA or if you want to rollover an earlier retirement vehicle like a 401k or 403b to a gold IRA rollover account. Considering the fact that some companies out there possess a better track record than others, you should analyze several things before you make a decision with your gold IRA retirement planning.

There are also some companies out there that have been accused of fraud. Another important thing to note would be the fact that some companies may take care of the entire process, while others just commercialize the sale of gold and other precious metals. If you want to make the right decision, make sure you analyze our Top Gold IRA Companies Reviews and Gold Bullion Dealers comparison chart.

We have used important references, like Better Business Bureau (BBB), Business Consumer Alliance (BCA), TrustLink and so on, in order to obtain the most recent ratings of each company. If you want to read a more detailed gold IRA companies reviews for each company on our list, please press on the β€œView Full Review” button. You can also print out this page for future reference.

NOTE: You can only obtain a global view from this particular ranking table. As a consequence, it is mandatory that you get in touch with different companies prior of taking an investment decision. (July 2020 was the last date when the chart was updated.)
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4 Tips For Choosing Top Gold IRA Companies

You will be able to compare the ratings and reviews of the most important companies by using our Top Gold IRA Companies Reviews and Gold Bullion Dealers table. In addition, It is advised that you analyze the following 4 aspects when researching top gold IRA companies:

Top Gold IRA Companies Reviews Metalor 100g gold 9999 bullion bar

#1 Ratings, Ratings & Ratings

It is recommended that you select top gold IRA companies that have numerous positive reviews from the former clients.

Other important ratings should come from authority bureaus such as Better Business Bureau (BBB)Business Consumer Alliance (BCA), and TrustLink. You can also learn more about top rated gold IRA companies professionalism and service quality by analyzing the feedback that the gold IRA company has received from former clients on websites such as Yelp, Complaint Board and YP.

#2 IRA Fee Structure

Instead of opting for a top gold IRA companies who have scaled fee policies that will grow together with the account size, you need to find top gold IRA companies with flat annual fees.

This theory works well especially for medium and big investors (c.f. $50,000+) and investors who are planning to increase their account size during the course of time. There are some fees of thousands of dollars/year for bigger accounts opened at some particular top rated gold IRA companies.

#3 Efficiency & Delivery Time

There are some previous clients who have stated the fact that they have waited up to 60 days for their accounts to be ready and their precious metals to be delivered.

Considering the fact that the economic landscape is very uncertain nowadays, you should not accept this delay.

#4 Pushy Salesmen or Unfriendly Customer Support

Avoid all the agents who encourage you to invest in collectibles and numismatic coins because these objects will bring profits only for them.

You should stay away from such companies if you want to avoid further problems. Besides the fact that such collectibles are not approved by the IRS for IRAs, they are also not recommended for investors. You need to ask as many questions as you can whenever you get in touch with a precious metals IRA company in order to discover more info about them. Skip any company that tries to force you to invest into collectibles.

8 Tips for Choosing a Gold IRA Custodian or Gold IRA Trustee

Naturally, you would look for a gold IRA trustee or gold IRA custodian that best suits your requirements.

Top Gold IRA Companies Reviews Gold IRA Custodian Gold Bars Bullion Hands White Gloves

However, there certainly are a couple of factors needing your consideration while finalizing one. The most common characteristics of a good gold IRA custodian or trustee are as follows:

  1. Ensure that your potential custodian possesses appropriate license. 

Internal Revenue Service makes it mandatory that an individual retirement account be held with an approved custodian, having a proper license. IRS Publication 590-A authorizes limited kinds of entities to be eligible for working as custodians for investors of gold IRA.  These include a bank, federally insured credit union, and savings and loan organization or another body duly approved by IRS.

The IRS has made available to the public a list of licensed custodians and it is for the gold investors to ensure that they select a gold IRA custodian whose name is included in that list.

  1. Investors should patronize custodians having FDIC insurance for un-invested funds.

In majority of cases, IRS issues license only to those gold IRA custodians who meet with the requirements of FDIC insurance protection, though certain financial organization are exempted from having this insurance. Nevertheless, there are not reasons good enough to sacrifice this type of protection.

  1. Barring the investments, particularly banned by the IRS, a custodian should offer most, if not all others.

The final decision of accepting investment rests with the gold IRA custodian. Yet, many custodians attempt to restrict the investment of a client. In case a custodian’s restrictions don’t fulfill your requirements, you should be looking for another custodian.

  1. Look for a custodian who charges a competitive fee.

Ensure that you are not overcharged by your gold IRA custodian. Find out beforehand all the various fees payable by you for availing the needed services.

  1. Find out how long the potential custodian has been in business.

Ant custodian claiming to be experienced must have years of experience to his credit. The fee of a custodian is in direct proportion to his experience.

  1. Check on the usual turnaround time for investment authorization and check requests.

Time is precious. It is particularly significant when handling a gold IRA. If you are required to wait for long, it costs you a lot. It will be reasonable to conclude that the longer the waiting time, the lower is the fee.

  1. A custodian should offer continued support to its clients.

Once you have made the initial investment, a lot of processing is yet to be carried. Your custodian would apprise you of the worth of your investments in between various transactions.

  1. Check your custodian’s list of existing clients. 

Among the most ideal ways for you to find the status of your potential custodian is to go through his current list of clients. Though your success as an investor largely depends on your actions, a good gold IRA custodian can help you become successful by offering good advice along with processing of transactions.


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