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Our Top Gold IRA Companies Reviews revealed that Lexi Capital gets the second spot among the best. Read on and learn more about the views and ratings that we have consolidated coming from different reliable sites such as Yellow Pages, BBB, BBC, TrustLink, Complaint Board, Yelp, and many others.
Important:ย If you require assistance when buying gold and are new to precious metals and gold investing, please review ourย 4 Tips For Choosing Top Gold IRA Companies.

We strongly recommend that you thoroughly research and contact a few gold IRA companies before seriously considering investing in gold and precious metals. There are so many horror stories, including fraud, from investors who simply picked a gold IRA company at random for their retirement. Please take your time and read through a few more reviews before you begin your rollover process.

Lexi Capital was established by two alumni from UCLA, who came across the idea that venturing into purchasing and/or selling precious metals can be a great potential enterprise. They pondered about the lowering asset wealth in most enterprises because of the credit and housing markets. With the continuous printing of US currency, there is a significant inflation (and even potential hyper-inflation) that tend to take away the value of tangible products. In such a circumstance, precious metals are the best elements that will secure financial stability.

As part of the requirements for the UCLA graduation, graduating students were required to accomplish a business plan that focuses on precious metals. The end-result of this project is Lexi Capital. Among the standout services that Lexi Capital offers is the so-called โ€˜Gold Assurance Planโ€™. This program features a six-month return policy that covers clients with acceptable gold coins which will enable mitigation in the short-term cost fluctuations. Lexi Capital largely considers customers in the retailing venture as their number one target market.

Lexi Capital includes selling of large collections of coins which include limited editions, semi-numismatics, numismatics, and gold bullion and bars. This company pay close attention to emphasizing the distinction between investing and collecting. Needless not to mention, being knowledgeable about these aspects is extremely essential for most starters. The main angle that its founders take into account is a firm character and attribute. Nonetheless, Lexi Capitalโ€™s significantly a new addition into IRAโ€™s industry of exquisite metals.

Lexi Capital provides the latest feeds which include silver, gold, palladium, and platinum charts. The site, www.lexicapital.com, offers an absolutely user-friendly interface. You will notice that the online page of Lexi Capital does not have so many different features; thus, allowing you to get rid of annoying distractions. One of the most interesting deals that Lexi offers is bonuses and freebies. There, you will find several bonuses, which you will obtain for converting or opening an IRA. When you navigate through the bottom part of the online page, you will be able to learn more with the honest, positive feedbacks from satisfied clients.

Lexi Capital Complaints and Ratings

Yelp: N/A (Details)

Yellow Pages:ย N/A

TrustLink: Five points out of five. This rating is garnered from three reviews.(Details)

RipOff Report: N/A (Details)

Google+:ย Five pints out of five. This rating is garnered one review(Details)

Complaints Board: N/A (Details)

CitySearch:ย N/A

BCA Rating: AA (Details)

BCA Complaints: The online site of BCA admired Lexi Capital for not having any complaints for the past three years.(Details)

BBB Rating: A(Details)

BBB Complaints: The online site of BBB only had a single complaint filed during the past three years. (Details)

Review Before Buying Any Gold IRA Company

Did you just say that you are greatly interested in purchasing Gold IRA? If you said โ€˜yesโ€™ to that, you have to be extra cautious.

Always keep in mind that the rollover for gold IRA is among those services offered by firms that aim at obtaining an income. While it is true that the company as doing its very best to educate and provide reliable information to the general public, you cannot deny just deny the fact that it is also trying to generate profit out of the products and/or services being sold.

By thoroughly going over the details on honest reviews as well as unbiased comments from customers, you will be able to come up with the best decisions concerning your IRA accounts for your precious metals. In this manner, you will not have to make trials-and-errors. You will be 100% sure of your investment choice.

Are You a Lexi Capital Representative?

In case you are a person who represents Lexi Capital, do not hesitate to talk to us (personally or via online) particularly when it comes to your desired options, changes, and/or upgrades.

Our team is more than willing to offer you the most reliable details based on trustworthy sources available over the internet. We are aware that nothing can be more satisfying on your part than having the most factual and reliable information that you have always wanted. This is what our team and our services is all about. In addition to, we also welcome various insights from company executives.

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