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Rosland Capital

As of this year, Rosland Capital ranked #8 on the list Top Gold IRA Companies Reviews. Continue reading below to find out more about Rosland Capital’s ratings with review authorities such the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Business Consumer Alliance (BCA), TrustLink, Yelp, Google+, etc.
Important:ย If you require assistance when buying gold and are new to precious metals and gold investing, please review ourย 4 Tips For Choosing Top Gold IRA Companies.

We strongly recommend that you thoroughly research and contact a few gold IRA companies before seriously considering investing in gold and precious metals. There are so many horror stories, including fraud, from investors who simply picked a gold IRA company at random for their retirement. Please take your time and read through a few more reviews before you begin your rollover process.

Rosland Capitalย has been selling numismatics, including gold, silver and other precious metals, for ten years. They’ve had a long and steady run, and the professionals helping investors start their own precious metals collection provide friendly and expedient service.

Two of Rosland Capital’s most popular coins are the โ€œAmerican Silver Eagleโ€ and the โ€œAustrian Gold Philharmonic.โ€ Rosland’s website is easy for any user to navigate, making it one of the friendliest interfaces in the gold IRA industry. Icons are clearly labeled with menu options such as My Account, My Cart and Checkout.

There’s also a real-time debt counter for the US National Debt to show users the economy’s current debt status. The spokesperson for Rosland Capital, conservative actor William Devane, is often seen in commercials for the company talking about the rising debt and how you should purchase gold as a hedge against inflation.

He encourages customers to protect their assets by purchasing Rosland Capital gold coins and IRA accounts; charts are shown to compare the fall of the US dollar and the rise of gold prices. The company’s slogan is โ€œNo Gimmicks,โ€ and users can transfer/rollover their current gold IRA accounts to Rosland Capital with little to no fuss.

Jeffrey Nichols (Rosland Capital’s Senior Economist) recommends customers have an average amount of 10-15% of their assets in gold bars, bullions and other forms of physical gold. A free โ€œGold and Precious Metals Kitโ€ is available upon request to help customers choose products.

Rosland Capital Ratings and Complaints

BCA Rating: AAA(Details)

BCA Complaints: 6 complaints filed over the last 3 years (Details)

BBB Rating: A (Details)

BBB Complaints: 10 complaints filed since March 2013 (Details)

Ripoff Report: 6 complaints filed in the last 3 years(Details)

Complaints Board: 5 complaint filed in the last 3 years(Details)

Yelp: N/A (Details)

TrustLink: (2.6 / 5) based on 18 reviews (Details)

Yellow Pages:ย N/Aย (Details)

CitySearch:ย N/Aย (Details)

Google+:ย N/Aย (Details)

Review All Gold IRA Companies Before You Buy

Gold IRA companies require a thorough review before buying from them. Every company has their own unique policies and fees, and the market value of gold constantly fluctuates, so prices are not fixed. Before assuming that gold is a certain price, it’s best to call the company and ask what the current value is. Most companies will hold it at that price for you for a certain amount of days.

Make sure you read plenty of customer reviews on each company; those who have done business with a company before will have the best insight as to whether the company is credible or not. If you see a company with a plethora of negative reviews, it’s best to steer clear.

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