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Retirement Gold Nest Egg

Benefits of Rolling Over a 401k Plan to a Precious Metals IRA

A 401k gold IRA rollover has desired benefits. For example, the fact that you will be able to manage the designation of your retirement funds and make new tax-free investments, such as precious metals, would be the main benefit of rolling over 401(k) plan assets into a self-directed IRA. You will have fewer investment options in an employer-funded retirement plan…

Retirement Hourglass

SIMPLE IRA, 401k, 403b Retirement Plan

This IRA was designed to serve as an incentive for smaller employers say 100 or less, to provide retirement plans for their workers   while at the same time avoiding the rigors process associated with larger benefits retirement packages. A major benefit of this IRA is that they do not fall under the guidelines stated by the ERISA. Employers that operates…

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Rules and Limitations of 401k Plan Rollover

In case you possess a 401k, you can turn them into an IRA or any other kind of plan that is qualified for a rollover, without about tax penalties. Below you will find an assessment of some 401(k) rollover regulations: You got 60 days to complete the rollover after you get the funds from your 401(k) plan. The IRS will…

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401k Plan: 401(k)

A 401(k) was viewed as the original idea of benefits consultant Ted Benna. Benna has come to the conclusion that the provision may be used to generate a simple employee retirement plan with tax benefits right after Section 401(k) of the Internal Revenue Code was introduced in the late 70s. In the early 80s, the first 401(k) plans were introduced…

401k Gold

401k Plan Allowed Gold Investing: 401(k)

Despite the fact that your options are limited to what you plan provider offers, 401k plans can also include: Individual stocks Individual bonds (corporate and government) Certificates of deposits (CDs) Mutual funds Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) To put it simple, you can’t invest in physical gold bullion through a 401(k) plan. Buying stocks in gold mining companies or mutual fund that…