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Why History Chose Gold: What it Means to Investors

The ongoing discussion about the fate of yellow metal in the coming years can be split into two basic arguments.

Egyptian gold Gold IRA Best Retirement StrategiesSome people assert that the epoch of gold is finished, every time its price comes down. Conversely, proponents of gold caution that currencies will become insignificant and only those with the prudence to procure precious metals will benefit.

You may be thinking that over the last decade gold has attracted excessively high number of investors or you might be thinking that colossal amounts of cash the government continues to print will certainly lead to collapse of dollar. Either way, you are omitting the point.

Gold is Here to Stay

What we need to understand is that every commodity loses some value at sometime or the other and gold is no exception. It is not that history accidentally selected precious metals, particularly gold, initially as currency and subsequently for the purpose of hedging for financial purposes. This precious metal has inherent basic strengths, which do not increase of decrease with stock markets.

To enlighten you why this precious metal will always find its position in market, we give below the most vital aspect of this metal that you would not come across in the current exciting debates concerning gold. This will make you realize why history was not mistaken about yellow metal.

4 Reasons Why History Chose Gold

Vintage Gold Rush Poster Best Gold IRA Retirement Strategies

Gold Has Real Value: It’s Stable

The present world, including the US work under a system that we know as a fiat money standard, meaning the currencies as used in different countries have some value only because their governments assert their worth. These are not really supported by anything, essentially making them worthless bits of paper. Because currencies are not constructive in any significant manner, their worth could become zero in case its circulation becomes excessively high. It is historically proven that under such circumstances things get horrible.

Gold, being a market based product, is not akin to that, meaning it is valuable, though it is not a fiscal tool. Gold is necessarily needed for producing a number of items such as precious jewelry, electronic components and devices like computers and cell phones, electronic circuits for aerospace applications and medical purposes including dentistry. Apart from these useful purposes, gold has always acquired a status in almost every civilization which got in touch with it. Its worth can never be zero. In fact, it never even came close to that.

Gold is Durable, Malleable, and Equally Divisible: It Survives

It is difficult to find any other commodity that would financially be as useful as gold. This is just one the basic reasons allowing gold to maintain its eminence over generations. Can you imagine some fruit, for example bananas being used as currency? Fruits are perishables and differ with regions and thus can’t contain value. The same holds true for all biologically living beings.

You may argue diamonds are valuable too. Some of their characteristics like hardness are better than gold. But, what if you break one into a couple of pieces! Though the collective weight of all pieces remains almost the same as that of the original diamond, the worth of each piece would be different and the combined worth of all pieces would be than that the original diamond. Moreover, unlike gold, you can divide diamonds equally. You can melt gold, give it different shapes by bending or breaking it, but its worth remains unchanged.

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What Billionaires are Saying

Eike Bautista

Eike Batista
“There is a massive shifting of wealth to new economic powers.”

George Soros

George Soros
“The U.S. dollar is very weak. Investors are moving to real assets.”

Carl Icahn

Carl Icahn
“The system is not working properly.”

10 Reasons to Make Gold Part of your Retirement Strategy

Rising Gold Bullion Bars Chart Gold IRA Best Retirement Strategies

Crushing Government Debt

Fed Must Keep Interest Rates Low

Unstable World Economy

Dollar Devaluation Would Cause Stock and Bond Market Collapse

Dollar Constantly Losing Purchasing Power

Everlasting Value

Purchasing Power of Gold Continues to Rise

Limited Gold Supplies Cannot Be Produced at Will

Gold Freedom Insurance

Secret of the World’s Richest People

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Gold Needs to be Mined: It is Scarce

It could be the number one reason for gold to thrive while currencies pass away. Nothing can be simpler than producing paper money. Governments can print as much as they want. It’s a simple law of economy that scarce goods possess value. No one can guarantee that any paper currency will become rare enough to remain valuable. We need to invest time, labor, and equipment for locating gold to enhance its supply. Though its demand keeps fluctuating with time, its supply is stable and can be predicted. Its stability and predictability are excellent for investors. For all practical reasons, its supply shall continue to be scarce.

Free Markets Chose Gold: It Doesn’t Need Government Backing

Before the governments of various countries started printing currencies, traders required some way for trading and exchanging goods. On going through history we realize that man tried a large variety of items which could be employed as money, including cereals, fruits, salt and candy. Finally, it was only the precious metals such as gold that solved the purpose of financial instruments. Other than the reasons already mentioned, gold was lightweight, could be carried around easily, and be used even on becoming wet, and couldn’t be forged. It could be stored and stacked conveniently and thus found acceptance of various cultures. God naturally played the expected role without any diktat from anybody.

These basic characteristics held and will continue to hold status of gold above currencies, stock exchanges plus economic disasters. Gold doesn’t require FDIC insurance and banking systems can’t hold its “fractional reserves.” Gold could survive and retain its worth during world wars, natural calamities like plague, depressions, recessions, industrial revolutions and even the innovation of currencies.

Securing Your Retirement Savings with a Gold IRA

The value of the U.S. Dollar is slowly depreciating and this can have a costly effect on your 401 K accounts without a gold IRA.

The longer you keep your 401 K retirement fund in dollars the less you will actually have when you are ready to retire. How can you secure your retirement fund from this type of depreciations? If you already have a 401K from a previous place of employment than you may be able to rollover your money into another type of retirement account.Investing your 401K into an IRA or a self directed individual retirement account allows you to invest your money through a number of different holdings. These types of holdings such as real estate investments or precious metals are far more stable and profitable for you. If you are however, working a job that your 401K is currently active then you will not be able to rollover your current 401K to a new IRA account. You can contribute to and open an IRA account alongside your current 401K.

A gold IRA (precious metals IRA) is one that converts your previous 401K into gold. These type of IRAs are one of the more effective ways to ensure your retirement savings is safe from devaluation and debasement. With a Gold IRA you will not have to worry about your financial freedom and can entrust that the fund you have been saving for years remain safe.

There are certain limitations when it comes to a Gold IRA one being that not every kind of gold can be used in an IRA. There are specific gold coins and bars that have been approved by the internal revenue service that can be used for IRA accounts. These regulations are found in Section 408(m)(3) of the internal Revenue Codes you can also refer to this list of the types of precious metals that are allowed in an IRA.

Another precious metals IRA requirement the IRS enforces is a custodian or trustee is present to oversee transactions that relate to a self-directed IRA. Luckily, custodians services are offered from a number of management companies as well as investment firms. These companies are highly trustworthy and can greatly benefit you in building a stable and profitable IRA account. Look at this list for some of the most reputable precious metals IRA custodian companies in the industry.

The Fed’s Stock Bubble Won’t Last Forever

Are things as rosy as they seem in the US stock market?

Best Gold IRA Retirement Strategies Best Gold IRA Retirement StrategiesAt first glance, it appears that stock markets set new records each month, and there’s no reason to expect it to stop any time soon, as long as the American economy continues in its recovery mode. It’s a time when even the newbie can make money, reminiscent of the days of the early 00s, during the tech and housing bubble. But have people become complacent and forgotten that bubbles eventually pop?

The Fed’s Easy Money Policies

In an effort to repair the damage caused by the last stock market crash, the Feds have created two easy money policies to benefit the investor. It’s been over six years, yet the fed has kept short term market interest rates at 0%.

But this wasn’t all they did in an effect to repair damage from the market’s early millennium fracture. They also made an effort in their QE—Quantitative Easing—programs. The Federal Reserve used trillions of US dollars to flatten bank debt, purchase treasuries, and other mortgage backed securities. This was all in an attempt to force long-term interest rates to remain low, and keep them there, in an attempt to keep cash flowing in businesses and companies.

The 0% short-term market interest rate, combined with the quantitative easing programs has increased the liquidity of national banks, resulting in lowered borrowing costs for them. This means that businesses and companies are able to borrow money, for very little cost.

Together, these two policies have let to what is called a clear stock market bubble. But how long can it be sustained, and when will it burst?

What the Super-Rich are Saying

Paul Tudor Jones

Paul Tudor Jones
“I have never been a gold bug, it is just an asset that, like everything in life, has its time and place. And that time is now.”

MG George Muthoot

M.G. George Muthoot
“If this business was as easy as it sounds, all my branch managers would be setting up their own gold loan companies.”

Jim Rogers

Jim Rogers
“Gold will be the great investment over the next decade.”

8 Tips for Choosing a Gold IRA Custodian or Gold IRA Trustee

Ensure that your potential custodian possesses appropriate license

Investors should patronize custodians having FDIC insurance for un-invested funds

Barring the investments, particularly banned by the IRS, a custodian should offer most, if not all others

Look for a custodian who charges a competitive fee

Find out how long the potential custodian has been in business

Check on the usual turnaround time for investment authorization and check requests

A custodian should offer continued support to its clients

Check your custodian’s list of existing clients

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Can the Effects of a Stock Market Crash Be Lessened?

Since there is warning of an imminent stock market crash, it’s possible for investors to prepare. Many of the stocks trading for high prices have an inner worth of very little money. It’s best to divest these funds before the stock bubble floats down.

Generally, stock markets rely on value investing, which has not been the case for the past six years. Usually quality companies are the ones who earn money, and not the floundering ones. But value investing can pay off over time. Even in the five year plan, a poorly performing stock may beat out their averages when measured over fifteen years. Companies that adopt a value investment strategy can take advantage of an actively managed fund.

Moving stocks from lofty ones to time-trusted ones can be a good plan. Gold has always been a wise investment choice, holding its own over the years. Yellen has stated that inflation will likely go in up the near future, which is one of the reasons why she wants to increase interest rates. Even during higher inflation, gold still holds its value.

Until the government decides to stop interfering with the market, there’s going to be widely fluctuating market swings. We can learn from past history by realizing that shortly after the bubble bursts, a stock market crash is just around the corner.


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